Your Daily Music Fix With DJ Reg West

We start this week with a visual from one of my favorite songs of his latest mixtape. The artist is my dude Fabolous and the song is called “Pain.” If you’re not familiar with 2Pac‘s version PLEASE hit that Google button and check one of my favorite ‘Pac songs of all time. Next up is one of my good friends Skyzoo, he released the video to “Test Drive” from his mixtape The Great Debater this week. This guy has an amazing lyrical catalog, you should research him today too. Keep reading for more after the jump […]

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Your Daily Music Fix With DJ Reg West //DRJAYS.COM

Check out my new column on DR.JAYS.COM hitting you with the new music This week I wanted to make sure we touched on a few different styles, so with that being said, first up is my homie Skyzoo. He’s put out a few albums as well as handful of mixtapes over the years and is [...]

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